Friday, October 11, 2013

Walking Anachronism

"You grew up in the wrong era"

You wouldn't believe how many how many times I've heard that said to me.

"You've got a lot of cool stuff. You plan on selling any of it?"

I don't hear that as much, but still people ask.

Living life as a walking anachronism is easy, you adapt new technology, but still use old technology. But there's reasons I like using older technology with new technology. I'm not a Luddite who avoids all new technology. I carry a Samsung Galaxy phone, I have two laptops, gaming mouse and keyboard and big monitor and a fancy array of headphones to use.

But then again, I own three typewriters with a fourth on the way, a drawer full of slide rulers, two complete sets of Leroy rules, drafting machines, a gramophone with 100+ 78rpm records and the list goes on. People are still always in awe and fascination whenever they see the things I have lying around almost casually.

What got me interested in the things I love, I don't know. I might have to blame a childhood growing up at my Grandmother's house half the time where I got the opportunity to rummage around in the basement and find neat things such as a slide ruler or a vintage road bicycle. I think watching Antiques Roadshow helped somewhat as well.

So I've decided to devote this new blog to me and my passions, typewriters, typography and fountain pens.

Happy Writing!

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